Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Cats are originally animals raised in the house to hunt mice, catch prey, insects... Modernized life, cats have become a favorite pet in every home. Do you know the cutest cat breed in the world? And here are the TOP 8 pictures of adorable and cute cats that are extremely popular with young people.

1. Munchkin Cat – Top 1 of the cutest cats

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

The Munchkin cat always makes people look sympathetic at first sight because of its lovely short legs and slightly long back.

The Munchkin cat is famous when it is considered like a ferret, because of its fat body with extremely short legs that makes it difficult for viewers to resist that cuteness.

Not only cute, Munchkin cat is very mischievous, sweet and extremely smart. They love to bond with their owners, children and other pets in the house.

2. The Scottish Fold Cat is so cute

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Scottish Fold cats – short-haired, short-haired cats have been born in Scotland since the 1960s. They are famous for their lovely chubby bodies, most especially their forward-folding ears, also known as drooping ears.

Besides, Scottish Fold has big round eyes with many eye colors such as blue, black, blue, jade green... This cat breed is quite agile but calm and calm, sometimes they just like to sit and observe everything. Or just like to lie next to and observe the owner's actions.

In Scottish Fold cats, they need a lot of care from their owners, you must brush weekly to remove hair loss brushing regularly to prevent periodontal disease in cats

3. Ragdoll Cat – A rare and lovely beauty

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Ragamuffin is another name for Ragdoll cats, they originate from the United States of America. The Ragdoll cat is a breed of cat that is being hunted by many cat lovers.

The cat's blue eyes are characteristic of the Ragdoll breed. They have quite long and thick fur, super soft with many other colors.

With the docile and gentle personality of the Ragdoll breed, which is said to be inherited from the Persian and Siamese cats. They are basically loyal and devoted to their owners, not only that, but they are also very fond of children.

Ragdoll's rare beauty is classified as one of the most adorable cats in the world. Although Ragdoll's fur is extremely beautiful, it takes a lot of time to care for, if not groomed regularly, the hair will be lumpy and sticky.

4. Charming hairless Egyptian cat Sphynx

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Not possessing a beautiful coat like other cat breeds, the Egyptian Sphynx cat is hairless, although somewhat "weird", but this cat breed is popular with many people.

With a fancy appearance, the Egyptian Cat is considered luxurious and aristocratic. They are quite outgoing, mischievous and loved by many.

Ranked in the list of the cutest cats in the world, the Egyptian Cat Sphynx is extremely agile. However, because of their hairless characteristics, they cannot adapt to extreme weather such as too hot or too cold.

Because of the different characteristics of other cats, this breed requires meticulous care from the owner to avoid skin diseases and keep the skin clean and soft.

5. Persian Cat – The ornamental cat that captivates the viewer

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

The Persian cat, also known as the Persian cat, is loved and hunted by many people around the world. This cat breed is considered docile, loves to play, especially always wants the owner to cuddle and caress.

The difference in Persian cats is the flat face, short, small nose and deep mouth. Hair will cover the entire body of the cat, with 2 thick and long layers, the densest on the lower abdomen, chest and tail. With many different colors, mainly popular are white, brown and black.

Belonging to the top 8 adorable cats in the world, Persian cats are considered to be captivated by the beauty of aristocratic fur, attracting anyone.

Persian cats have long coats that look very luxurious, so they always need regular grooming. Because the nose is short, you also need to pay attention to their breathing problems.

6. Maine Coon Cat – Adorable pet cat

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Maine Coon cats are the most raised in the United States and Europe. However, according to Kimi Pet's research, this cat breed has just appeared in Vietnam, so it is not easy to buy

Maine Coon is known as the beauty of nobility and regal, and it is a rare mysterious beauty. They are quite gentle and obedient than other cats. So this is a suitable breed of cat for training.

Above all, the Maine Coon is a very good climber, but on the other hand, they are a species that likes to lie down mostly during the day. With a simple personality, they will only need to play with toys such as balls, lasers, rolling objects, etc.

Besides, it is considered to be the most intimate cat breed with the owner, so the Maine Coon cat is one of the cute cat breeds that accompany humans the longest.

7. Bengal cats – Top 7 adorable and charismatic cats

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

The name Bengal takes the family name from the Felis Bengalensis cat breed and they were developed from wild cats and wild cats, so they always possess many wild features.

With the appearance and striped coat like a leopard, but the Bengal has a friendly, gentle and affectionate nature with the owner, so this cat breed is in the top of the cutest and most raised cats in Vietnam. .

Bengal is always in the TOP of the cutest and most expensive cats on the planet. The biggest difference is the beautiful coat, with dark streaks and spots and a silky soft coat that few cats can match.

8. Exotic Cat – Super Cute Short Haired Persian Cat

Top 8 cutest and cutest cats in the world

Everyone is fascinated by the round, lovely appearance of the Exotic cat. The origins are complicated, but today the Exotic is a cross between a Persian and a Himalayan cat.

Some Exotic cats have a more distinctive appearance with slightly flat faces, and beautiful thick short coats of all colors. When raising Exotic, they will often cling to their owners and sometimes coddle with you.

As expected, they are the cutest and cutest cats in the world, making everyone fall in love at first sight that Kimipet wants to share with readers.